Unstructured Data, Untangled

Voyager Labs is a leading technology provider, developing proprietary AI algorithms for human behavior analysis and modeling from unstructured data. The company’s Authentic AI processes and analyzes data from a multitude of sources using multi-sensory capabilities, to deliver profound and accurate insights in near-real time. Voyager Labs’ technology is used by leading clients worldwide, achieving unparalleled performance and an active demand from the market.

The Nuts and Bolts

Voyager Labs’ core technology employs algorithms for Natural Language Understanding, Image Recognition, Sentiment Recognition and two-way translation in multiple languages. The core algorithm runs exclusive mathematical models of basic human concepts such as intent, tendency, affinity, attitude and related behavioral cues. An architecture of deep neural networks and machine learning systems (supervised and unsupervised) turns these cues into a profound understanding of the billions of data points making up the digital network.